J.C. Juanis

Publicist, Freelance Writer
September 30, 2017

The S.F. Airship is a very competent Jefferson Airplane Tribute Band who deliver the goods both sonically and spiritually of the iconic San Francisco band. Their sound cut through the night fall air with all the freshness of a wild and free 60’s concert in Golden Gate Park. The two solid sets that were performed were a joyous celebration of one of the finest bands to ever come out of San Francisco. I have to admit that I’m partial to some of the Marty Balin tunes and Ronaldo Vezzali certainly delivered the goods on the early Airplane staples “Today, “and “Plastic Fantastic Lover,” while Jeff Kaplan’s recreation of one of Paul Kantner greatest contributions; “Wooden Ships.” In the end though it was the kick ass vocals of JoJo Razor who brought life to old chestnuts; “We Can Be Together,” “Get Together,” “Somebody to Love,” White Rabbit” that wowed the senses. The SF Airship benefit from some strong backing as drummer Chris Lockeed, bassist Mark Levine, and Big Brother and The Holding Company guitarist Tom Finch made sure that the musical excitement continued throughout. I really dug when they segued “Volunteers,” into Steppenwolf’s “Monster,” which sounded like a natural fit to me. All the members sing and the vocal wall of sound on most of the songs performed was sensational.

SF Airship is a wonderful tribute band celebrating one of America’s greatest musical institutions. They recreate the music so well that you can shut your eyes and get taken back to a better time. And that, my friends is certainly a welcome respite.

It’s a short trip…..